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First off: what's the name you'd like me to call you by? I don't care if it's not your real name. *

Okay, {{answer_p8kMyZPxpL0I}}. I need to know a working email address (so I can send you the chapters). If it's not yours, make sure your parents are okay with you using theirs. *

Do you have a blog? I'd love to know a bit more about you.

Content: Project Orion is a clean book. There is absolutely no sexual content, graphic violence, vulgar language or horror imagery. There are a few instances of minor violence, but everything is handled tastefully. I'm not writing this book to disturb you or scare you out of your wits. It may be sad or shocking in a few places, but it's nothing that should severly bother anyone over the age of 10.
Reading level: 9th-10th grade (according to wordcounter.net).

I, {{answer_p8kMyZPxpL0I}}, am okay with the content of Project Orion. I have asked a parent's permission if necessary and am ready to read. *

How excited are you to read PO?

Is there anything else you want to say? I love to hear thoughts, predictions, even criticisms...

Thank you sooooo much, {{answer_p8kMyZPxpL0I}}! I really appreciate you helping me with this. Hopefully it'll be fun. I'll send a reminder email out around mid-July, so if you need to back out, you'll have one more chance to do so. Here's to a great beta reading experience! Thanks again!

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